Monday, October 15, 2007

The Love Nest

I awoke with a start to the phone ringing. "Damn!" I muttered as I fumbled to get the phone.

"Hello" I answered and was greeted by the pleasant tone of a southern drawl for my wake-up call.

"Yes ma'am you requested to be awoke at 9am. Well ma'am it is 9:05am I am sorry I was late calling you."

I smiled to myself and said "That is quite alright sweetie. Thank You so much for the call. If you had not called I would have probably slept the better part of the day and been a very horny lady."

The woman on the phone giggled and said her farewell, " Have a great weekend ma'am." and with that she hung up.

As I lit a cigarette I thought to myself that if I ever move I would move down south, the friendly people and the southern charm make a person feel right at home. I slowly smoked my cigarette and watched the tendrils of smoke float up on the currents of air from the a/c unit.

My mind began to wander back to the dreams from the night before and I felt the growing need for release. The warmth between my legs was spreading and I was starting to sweat all over from it.

Suddenly I thought that a shower would help me relax and find release. I could hardly wait for the water to warm up. As I stepped into the shower and under the faucet I could feel the water running over me like the knowing hands of a lover. I got even hotter as I closed my eyes and could see the hands running over my skin. I slowly began to lather my body. using the soap and making large slow circles on my breasts and feeling my nipples harden from the contact. Each touch sent shivers down my spine that stopped inside my now soaking wet pussy. I began to massage and pinch my nipples making them more sensitive and stand out even farther.

I moved one hand across my stomach and down til i was stroking my clit. My legs began to twitch. My hand moved slow at first rubbing my clit in lazy circles then I moved faster as I felt the need for an orgasm growing deep inside me. I inserted 2 fingers into my pussy and felt my walls tighten down as i massaged my g-spot. My legs got weak and I saw stars as I bucked my hips against my hand and felt the first waves of my orgasm rush over me and felt my cum soaking my hand. Moving my fingers faster inside my pussy I exploded and cum was running down my legs. I leaned against the wall of the shower trembling with the sheer force of my orgasm.

The water runnning across me felt so great and I was more relaxed now. I hurried to finish my shower so I could greet the first of the arriving guests for the party. I turned off the water and felt kind of sad that I couldn't stay for another orgasm but I had to hurry so I didn't miss anyone who arrived today. I dried off my body carefully and slowly dressed feeling the satin on my panties and bra as they slid over my skin. I felt my hands rubbing across my body as i donned my khaki slacks. I felt the softness of my silk shirt as it slid over my back and shoulders. I felt like every nerve ending in my body was plugged into my pussy and every touch was getting me wet again, but that would have to wait.

I left my room and made my way to the elevator as I needed to talk to the manager of the hotel. As I got to the elevator I noticed signs on the wall that said "Lesbian Chatters Welcome to the Love Nest." I smiled brightly when I saw them and hurried onto the elevator.

When the elevator stopped I got out and made my way to the front desk. I inquired of the desk clerk "Might I speak to the manager, I am with the party showing up today." The clerk called the manager on the phone and I waited by the desk.

The manager materialized seemingly out of nowhere as I was lost in thoughts of the shower I wanted to return to. I asked "Have any of the other ladies for the party shown up yet?"

"Not yet ma'am" he said smiling at me knowingly. "I sent the van out to the airport to pick up 5 of the ladies and they should be returning within the next 10 or 20 minutes."

"Thank you sir. I think I will wait for them outside." and with that I left and went to the porch for another cigarette. I retrieved the name tags I had made up and took my place outside and lit my cigarette. After about 5 minutes a van pulled up and 5 ladies got out of the van and started sorting through the luggage. I asked "Are you ladies here for the chat party?" Each one in turn said yes and told me their names.

Donna was a cute little red head I had talked to many times in the last year. Helen and Sonya I had known in the chat room the longest and both had blonde hair. Jessica had only been chatting in the room for about 6 months but she was a lovely little brunette. And then there was Tammie, she has dishwater blonde hair that was waist length.

I gave them all their name tags and introduced myself.."I am Marie also known as Baby Nymph. I am so glad you all could make it. I will wait for you all to check in then I will escourt you to the rooms we have on the 4th floor."

The elevator ride to our floor was full of excitement and talking. Donna, Helen, and Sonya had flown in from Florida. Jessica and Tammie had flown in from Michigan. They all discussed their flights and readily agreed that airline food sucks! The elevator doors opened and the ladies saw the signs at the same time. It was wonderful to hear their laughter as they all agreed that this would be a "Love Nest" for the next 3 days.

Each of the ladies went to their room and set about unpacking and getting cleaned-up from their trip while I returned to the lobby to see about the next group of ladies coming in for the party. the desk clerk said "The manager sent the vans out again. 12 more ladies will be here in half an hour."

I smiled and told her "Thank You". After I thought for a moment I added "When they arrive and get checked in send them up to my room #414." The clerk agreed and I returned to my room and ordered lunch from room service.

Room service delivered my lunch and the 5 ladies already at the hotel decided to join me. After 45 minutes I heard a knock on the door. I answered it and there were 12 women all unpacked, freshened up, and coming to see who was already there for the party.

I intoduced myself to them each and passed out name tags....Patricia, Linda, Annette, Allison, Samantha, Crysta, Tristan, Pam, Tina, Trina, Renee, and Resha... According to the hotel and my own list we were only missing a few ladies who had been on delayed flights.

Now it was time to get down to some serious partying. Extra food was ordered and we had the bar send up some drinks. All the ladies were talking and getting to know each other better (off the computer). It was a wonderful sight to see. After a few drinks I noticed that some of the ladies were starting to get a little bit drunk and 'touchy feely'.

Sitting in my room with 17 other lesbians was making me tingle all over or maybe it was the 10 drinks. Either way I was getting horny and needed an outlet. The other women must have been feeling the same way as all over the room there were women kissing each other, touching each other and getting each other off. This was just like in my dream!

The door to my room was open as we were the only ones on this floor. Resha was sitting next to me and I was rubbing her thigh. She has such silky skin that it was making the heat between my legs grow evey second. I moved my hand a little higher to rub between her thighs and I found she was not wearing any panties and she was as wet as I was. I rubbed her smooth shaved mound and used 2 fingers to part her lips so I could stroke her clit while we watched the other woman in the room. I could fell her trembling with each stroke and knew that the combination of my touch and what she was watching was pushing her over the edge. She opened her legs a little wider to allow me more access to her. The sounds of hot lesbian sex could be heard all over the floor. Women moaning and the smell of sweet sex had almost everyone ready to explode.

I was working Resha's clit slowly in lazy circles as I used my other hand to undress her. I unbuttoned her shirt and let it slide slowly over he shoulders til it fell on the bed. Then I slowly unhooked her bra and let it fall to lay on her shirt, her breasts popped out of her bra and were glorious. Big nipples standing out begging for attention. Her skirt was already up around her waist so I decided it was time to make her squirm in lust. I leaned down and slowly started licking her nipples and biting them making her arch her back toward me. Then I moved my head a little lower and started licking a trail down her stomach. I ran my tongue over her mound and felt her shiver. I slowly licked down til I could almost touch her clit with my tongue. She arched her back and thrust her hips up to meet my tongue. In one swift movement I sucked her clit into my mouth. She squealed and arched up more allowing me greater access to her wet slit. I sucked her clit in and out feeling it throb under my tongue. Each time I sucked harder or ran my tongue over her clit she would moan and move closer to my mouth. I stroked her thighs with my hands feeling the soft silky texture of her skin. Moving my hands closer to her mound I placed one hand under her and lifted her slightly and with the other I inserted a finger into her silky wetness. I could feel her muscles contract around my finger as I slowly worked it in and out making her more wet then she already was.

I kept sucking her clit and enjoyed hearing her moaning and pushing against me to feel more of me. I slowly inserted a second finger and she squealed again but loouder this time and I lost all control. She started bucking and thrusting up to meet my waiting hand and mouth making the pace faster and faster til it was almost frantic. She started moaning louder and more often and I knew her orgasm was not far off. I sucked her clit harder and felt her muscles contract again and she began to cum all over my hand and face. I removed my fingers just long enough to stick my tongue deep inside her and felt her explode and the cum was running down my chin and onto the bed. I kept sucking and licking her clit til she couldn't take any more stimulation and collapsed on the bed in front of me. She laid there for a moment shaking and twitching til I picked her up and carried her to the shower to clean up.

I turned on the water for the shower and waited for it to heat up before I carried Resha in and placed her under the faucet and the warm spraying water. I gently ran my hands over her skin to lather her up. Working slow circles on her breasts with my hands. I moved my hands across her stomach making lazy circles. I moved my hands lower still and she parted her legs for me so I could clean her mound. She was still so wet from all her cum running out over my face and down her crack. I cleaned her thuroughly enjoying the feel of her under my hands. I turned her around and while she leaned on the wall I cleaned her back and legs taking my time to make lazy circles and not miss one inch of skin. After she was clean I turned off the water and got a towel and began the slow process again but this time in drying her body from top to bottom and front to back. She extended her arms to me and I slowly dried them one at a time running the soft cotton over her skin and hearing her coo from pleasure. Then I slowly started drying her chest and breasts taking my time to get her completely dry. I moved lower and slowly dried her stomach. Even lower and I slowly dried her long legs and her glorious backside. Then I moved higher and slowly dried her back.

Her skin was glowing a radiant pink when I slowly began dressing her again. She stepped into her skirt as I slid it up over her hips and felt her skin running along my hands. I buttoned the skirt and rubbed her stomach. Then I slowly put her arms through the straps of her bra and with my chest against hers I leaned behind her and hooked the bra. With the bra hooked I took special care to place her breasts in the cups and give them a final squeeze or three. I slowly took her shirt and slid her arms into the sleeves and pulled it up onto her back taking great care to dress her perfectly. I buttoned each button slowly and let my hands trail across her skin til I reached the last button then I tucked the shirt into the skirt and felt her skin as I slid my hands around to get the shirt straight. It was glorious feeling her skin next to the silk of her shirt. When I announced I was done and removed my hands from her skin she looked almost sad but we both knew we would have more time together as there was still another full day of the party to come.

Resha and I realized at the same time that room had grown quiet, the other ladies had made their way to other rooms and almost every door on the floor was shut but mine. We had been so caught up in our love making that we never noticed the other ladies leave. We looked at each other and laughed as we had missed what had happened in the room we were in.

If this was the first day of the party then what would the next day bring our way? We all would soon find out!!!!

That evening after dinner we all went down to the pool area. In the huge room was a pool that had chairs all along the sides and the water looked cool and inviting. The room contained a jacuzzi and in the back there was a door to a seperate room which contained a sauna. The sauna was nice it had wooden benches all along the walls and the temperature was just right.

All 18 of us made our way to the door at the back of the pool room and made our way into the sauna. Everyone of us found a seat and was enjoying the heat. Everyone in the room was naked and sweating from head to toe. Looking upon all the naked ladies and seeing their skin glowing in the light was getting me excited all over again. As I looked around the room I could see the lust in the eyes of all the ladies there and I knew that it would only be a matter of time and we would have a full blown orgy on our hands in this sauna.

Where I was sitting on the top row of benches I had the wall I could lean against and I had 2 lovely ladies at my sides. On my left side was Resha and she was looking so hot sitting in there with us all. On my right was Sonya and she was looking pretty good too. I placed a hand on the thigh of each lady sitting next to me and began rubbing slowly. It was sensory overload between the heat of the room, the heat in my core growing, and the lovely ladies to each side of me. I was trying hard to keep my lust under control but Resha saw that my nipples had gotten hard and I was breathing eratic.

I closed my eyes to try and keep my lust under control and just enjoy the feeling of the ladies next to me as I rubbed their soft skin under my hands. I was sitting there with my eyes closed when I felt a tentative touch on my right breast. Sonya had reached over and had a hand on my breast and was rubbing slowly but firmly making my nipples ache for more. Resha reached over and took my left breast into her hand and was lightly pinching my nipple and watching it contract under her touch and listening to my breathing become more and more eratic as I was enjoying their touch so very much.

I moved my hands higher up the thigh of Resha and Sonya and could feel the heat radiating from each of their pussies. They were getting as turned on as I was. I reached higher and slowly began to run my fingers up and down the slit of each of them and listened to their sharp intake of breath at my touch. They both were wet, very wet and I used their juices to lube my fingers so I could stroke their clits. I stroked their clits slow and easy til they both were trying to move to get more contact then I moves faster and harder listening to them both coo in enjoyment. When I felt two hands reaching for my own mound I knew they were ready for more. I moved enough to be able to get on my knees on the bench facing Sonya who was laying over so I could Lick her clit while Resha Continued to stroke my clit from behind.

I used my tongue to slowly part Sonya's lips and ran my tongue along the length of her slit. She wiggled trying to get my tongue on her clit or in her slit. I slowly took my mouth and placed it over her clit and sucked her clit into my mouth hard and fast. She wiggled and tried to get closer to my mouth as my hand found its target and I sent two fingers deep into her wetness. Resha was using both hands on me, one was rubbing my clit while the other had 2 fingers buried deep inside me. The faster Resha moved her hands the faster I moved my hand in Sonya and the faster and harder I sucked Sonya's clit. I was getting lost in the lust as I felt the first of many oragasms washing over me. I bucked against Resha's hands trying to get more of her when I felt her tongue slide in with her fingers in my hole and I exploded with cum all over her hands and tongue moaning loudly onto Sonya's clit and causing her to go over the edge and I felt the first waves of her orgasm hit her and squeeze my fingers. She bucked her hips wildly trying to feel more and her walls were closing in on my fingers as wave after wave hit and she dripped cum all over my fingers. Resha licked til she had cleaned all the cum off my lips and her hand then she moved to help me lick the cum off of Sonya's lips and my own fingers.

All the ladies in the sauna were watching the show with great interest and all of them were fingering their own holes and stroking their clits to orgasm. Woman after woman moaning and thrashing around as they reached orgasm from watching the show we had put on for them without even knowing it.

The only thing I could think was that life is wonderful. Never in my life had I done anything quite like the things we had been doing at this get together and I enjoyed it greatly. As the orgasms decreased and the ladies calmed down it was decided that it was too hot in the sauna and we should probably head off to bed for the night as the next day would be even better then this day had been.

I knew that before I could sleep I needed to cool off so I decided that after I got my swim suit back on I would take a quick swim and cool down. I put my suit on in the changing room for the sauna not minding if anyone saw me naked. I walked through the door and over the the edge of the pool where I dropped my towel onto a chair and dove in feeling the cool water wash over my skin and cooling the heat that had been worked up in the sauna. I swam under the water for a few feet then surfaced and side stroked to the side of the pool so I could get out. When I stood out of the water I grabbed my towel and quickly dried off and walked to the elevator for the short trip to my room.

When the elevator doors opened I walked quickly to my room and opened the door. As soon as I crosed the doorway I dropped my towel and swim suit and crawled right into bed. That night went quickly and I dreamed of all the things we had done during the day. Dreams of naked females all entwined and in the throws of passion. I could hear the sounds of women coming to orgasm and could even smell the sweet scent of love juices.

I awoke after a long sleep and realized it was almost noon. All of us ladies were to meet for lunch that day at 1 so I would have to take a quick shower and dress for the day. I took my shower and dried off then walked naked to the dresser where my clothes had been placed. I chose a cotton dress that was form fitting and slinky. I pulled the dress over my head knowing I would not be wearing a bra or panties this day so that there would be no lines. Then as a second thought I realized that if I wore panties or a bra it would just mean more to take off later that night when the party started getting really wild.

I made it down the elevator and into the lobby in time to meet up with the other ladies to go have a leisurely lunch. We all talked and laughed and enjoyed our lunch greatly. Talking of events from the night before and the afternoon before. It is amazing what a person can learn about themself by listening to others talk about them. I found out that both times we had put on an unknowing show for the ladies that they wished they had video taped it because it was so hot. They said they had never seen anyone take such care in making their partner feel pleasure and that they all wished they had been Resha or Sonya. I blushed a deep red I had never heard anyone speak of me in such a way but it made me feel good knowing that I could have made any of the women in the room twitch and squeal.

Talking made the afternoon pass quickly and before we knew it the time was 4pm. Where had the day gone? The hotel party would be starting in less then 4 hours. The hotel manager had said we would have the bar to ourselves for the party since most everyone else would be going to a fireworks display in downtown. All the better for us. Music, drinks, dancing, and gorgeous women as far as the eyes could see.

We returned to the hotel to clean up and rest before the party. We all knew that the night would not end til after midnight and that everyone would have a wonderful time. At 7pm I made my way down to the bar and watched as the last of the decorations were put into place for the evening and the DJ got his equipment set up to start playing music to make our bodies move.

The other ladies started to show up and the music and drinks started flowing freely. Sexy female flesh bumping and grinding against one another to the sound of the music. The night progressed unlike anything I have ever seen. It seemed like we had only been dancing and drinking for a short time when it was announced that it was 11:50pm. A few more songs and a few more drinks and we did the annual countdown... 10... 9... 8.... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3...2... 1.... Happy New Year!!!!!!!! Every woman in the room grabbed someone and kissed them deeply.

I had grabbed Resha and dipped her at the waist and pressed my mouth to hers then let my tongue meet hers in a sensous kiss that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. The kiss lasted so long that when we finally moved we had to take a moment to catch our breath and let our heart rate lower. She looked so lovely. Her waist length hair was bound on top of her head leaving her long sleek neck exposed. The dress she chose was light blue which accentuated her skin. Her make-up was perfect and accentuated her eyes and lips. I wanted her so badly that I could not wait to get her back to my room so we could be alone for the rest of the night.

After a few more drinks with the group I gave Resha my room key and told her to meet me in 10 minutes. I stopped at the bar and had a bottle of chilled wine sent up to my room and had the room service let me in so I would be ready when Resha showed up. I left the wine on the nightstand next to the bed and had only one light on so it would be a soft glow. I turned on some music. I slowly undressed and started putting on my nightie feeling the soft satin flowing over my curves and caressing my skin. I slid on the matching robe and waited for Resha to get to my room for the rest of our personal party.

A slight knock on the door told me she had arrived and then the door opened and there she was looking so beautiful in her blue dress. I stood up and greeted her by pulling her to me and holding her close while I left my hands wander all over her body. I kissed her passionately on the lips and when our tongues met I felt a spark of desire turn into a burning wildfire. I slowly pulled her dress off over her head and stepped back to see her lovely body exposed to me. Her nipples were already hard and begging to be tasted. Her long legs were bare and the only thing she wore was a blue thing the color of her dress. I ran my hands up her long sleek neck and undid her hair to let it spill down her back. I ran my fingers though it and felt the softness of it.. I brought some up to my nose and could smell the vanilla soap she had used to wash it. It was an intoxictaing effect and made my desire burn even brighter for her.

I took her by the hand enjoying the feel of her hand in mine as I led her to the bed. I gently laid her down and ran my hands from her shoulders to her hips. I grabbed each side of her thongs and started removing them. She lifted her backside off the bed so it would be easier to remove them. I slid the thongs down her long legs feeling her skin under my hands til they were off and I put them with her other clothes. She sat up on the bed so she could help me remove my clothes. She untied my robe and I felt her hands sliding over my skin as the satin robe fell to the floor by the bed. Then she put her hands under the straps on my nightie and I felt her hands graze all the way down my body as it too went to the floor. I was standing there naked before her. She smiled and reached out her hand to me. I took her hand and climbed onto the bed with her.

I lay next to her seeing her skin glowing in the soft light from the lamp I left on. Her smile was making my pulse raise. Her hair was spread out on the bed around her. I ran a hand from her neck over her right breast and down to her waist. I leaned in and kissed her again gently on the lips and when our tongues met I was on fire. Our tongues met each other in an erotic dance of flesh circling and probing the other. When I removed my lips from hers I slowly started kissing her neck and ear lobes which sent her into a fit. She was wiggling and squirming under me. I kissed a trail even lower til my lips found the target, her nipple. I used my tongue to make circles around it making it stand out for my touch and feeling her back arch to me trying to get her nipple in between my lips. I licked closer around it til I finally reached the peak and drew it into my mouth.

She moaned loudly and arched up to meet me as I licked and sucked her nipple. Her breathing was coming in short bursts and her skin felt like it was on fire. I moved my hand from her waist to her smooth shaved mound and slowly ran my fingers along her lips. She moaned and parted her legs for my hand. I had her senses buzzing as my lips and my hand both worked on her flesh molding her and making her mine. My lips traveled from one nipple to the other and my fingers were still tracing the slit between her wet lips. I slowly eased a finger between her lips to use her own juices to rub her clit. She thrashed around enjoying the feelings I was causing in her body. She wanted more, so much more and I would give her all she wanted. I used my hand to pull back her hood and exposed her clit to me. I rubbed a finger over it and felt her body spasm in response. I used my finger to stroke her clit til she could almost take no more. I heard her say "I want you now inside me. Fill me up. Make me yours." and I lost control.

I slowly inserted one finger and then two into her wetness working them in and out making her body tremble. I slowly moved my head down her stomach til I could take her clit into my mouth. When my lips closed onto her clit she arched her back up to meet my face and hand. She was bucking wildly trying to get more of me into her. I slowly added a third finger and conitnued the in and out movement. I felt the muscles in her pussy tighen up and knew she was about to cum. I moved my mouth from her clit and replaced my fingers in her wetness with my tongue which sent her completely over the edge. She bucked and twitched and trembled as she had her first orgasm and I could feel her cum washing over my tongue. I sucked and sucked til I had swallowed all of her cum and then went back to licking her clit. I put 3 fingers back into her wetness and felt the muscles twitching from the orgasm she had just had. I moved my fingers in and out of her wetness while I sucked and licked her clit. My tongue was making circles on her clit while I kept constant sucking pressure on it to make it swell more and throb harder. She thrashed around on the bed, her head moving from side to side and her hair flying all around. I felt the second orgasm coming and wanted to taste it as well so I replaced my fingers with my tongue and she screamed out " Oh Yesssss. That is it. Taste me. Taste all of me."

I rammed my tongue in and out of her hole while she bucked against my face and I felt her cum on my tongue again. I licked and sucked on her til I had swallowed all of her cum again. She tasted so sweet running down my throat. I moved my hand to my lips and began to lick each of my fingers til I had all of her juices.

I moved up next to her on the bed and pulled her close to my body. Running my hands over her skin and feeling her tremors from the orgasms she had. I leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips our tongues meeting again in an erotic dance of flesh and I felt her body go limp beneath me. Her tongue circled mine dancing. Her body was limp and exhausted from the pleasure she had received.

I laid my head down onto my arm and watched her as she drifted off to sleep. I watched the way the light played on her hair and her skin. I heard her breathing as it slowed and became deeper. I ran my fingers through her hair stroking it and feeling the softness as it ran between my fingers. After a few moments I reached for a quilt to cover us with and I drifted off to sleep shortly after that.

The next morning I awoke to the feeling of a warm body pressed tightly next to mine and then it all came flooding back to me. Resha had slept all night in my room and was naked next to me. I could hear her breathing and knew she was still sleep. I leaned over and kissed her on the shoulder and gently got out of bed. I walked over to the phone and called room service.

"Can you please bring up a pot of coffee and 2 breakfast plates to room 414? Thank You." I placed the phone back down and when I turned around I saw her lovely eyes looking at me. She had awoke when she heard me talking on the phone. I told her I had ordered breakfast for us both. She smiled at me brightly and said "Thank You for last night. It was wonderful."

"You're welcome love. It was my pleasure. I just hope we can have more times like this."

She smiled again and my heart melted. "Of course we will have more times like this. We have some things to talk about. Good thing we both will be here for another day."

A knock at the door sounded breakfast. I answered the door and breakfast was brought in to us both. We talked while we enjoyed the coffee and food. Resha and I spent the whole day talking. The following day when we both went to the airport to leave for our seperate homes it was a little sad but I knew I would see her again soon.

Things had worked out better then I thought they ever would have. Not only had this party brought all of us closer together but I had made a great friend who could become so much more with time.


She asked me in her funny-cute French accent, "Dot, aav you avair make laav weeth an othair woomen?"

Our conversation had finally reached the important question. I knew it would lead to this and I knew what she wanted to hear.

"Yes, sure I have. And you?" I looked into this woman's blue eyes and they sparkled with anticipation. She was sitting across the corner of the dining room table as we sipped our coffee that morning. Jan had her arms folded and leaning forward on the table enjoying our talk about our personal lives.

"Oh, yes! I laav eet!," Jan replied. "But, I don't do for a long time." Then, after what seem like a snap decision, "Do you want to do with me, cheri?"

As I moved my cup from my lips to the saucer on the table, I uncrossed my legs and opened them slightly letting my bathrobe fall open to my thighs. I smiled at the little Frenchy and she beamed as she slid from her chair to the dining room carpet. Jan opened my bathrobe and spread my legs further. She ran her hands up to my pussy and I slid down so my butt was almost off the seat and my head rested on the high-back chair. I had to massage my aching nipples. It's been way too long, I thought.

"Ooooh! You are not wearing panties, ma cheri!" She lowered her face to my crotch and lightly kissed my hairless cunt. "You have more beautiful poosie I have seen! I never make love to a German woman before, Dot. You make me so horny since you moved next door."

She knelt back on her heals. With one arm over each of my legs, she brought her face forward and covered my nether lips with open mouth. She inserted her tongue into my hole then moved it down to the bottom of my slit where she licked that space between my cunt and my back door. She slurped her way back up to my clit. "Mein gott! This one is going to be good! Oh fuck! I'm going to let her eat me for an hour," I thought. She munched and sucked on my clit and pussy lips. I could feel the cool air on my wet mons. She had definitely done this before! With one hand she reached up under my chemise to knead my naked breasts.

We had moved into a high-rise US government-quarters building just outside a US Air Force base in southern Germany. The building, twelve stories high, had three apartments on each floor and an elevator. The front doors to the apartments were just a few feet from each other. Jan and Bob's master bedroom and ours shared a wall. Each apartment had a nice balcony and there was a common balcony at the front of the

building. I was there with my husband Ted, like Jan's husband an Air Force NCO. We

were assigned the apartment with little regard or choice of neighbors. Fortunately, I got real lucky.

Jan was not really French, but from Belgium. She spoke French, Flemish and poor English, but very cute and charming as a French accent can be. Bob did little to correct her English because he loved the way she talked. He encouraged us to do the same. He was tall, blonde and very good looking. He was though, a very shy man and never talked unless someone else initiated conversation with him, but otherwise very friendly and likeable. Jan was his opposite and she dominated him. If she told him to leave the room, he did so. If she told him not to come home till late, he did so. If she said come home early and cook dinner, he did so, insomuch as his military duties allowed. At home he had no say whatsoever but he obviously enjoyed it and seemed to thrive in his obedient devotion to her. He worshiped her.

Jan was a very sensual woman. She was always in good humor, joking and laughing, and very touchy-feely. Physically she was a very short person and tended to be just this side of plump, but firm. Her figure was curvaceous, small waisted, and she had a beautiful rounded and protruding rear end. She was dark blonde, with a pretty face.

In the preceding months since we had moved in, Jan and I talked frequently and she often pranced into our apartment on some pretense or another. She would rummage through our pantry for a cup of this or a can of that for dinner. They were both accomplished cooks and would grab us in the hallway to invite us in to dinner. Morning coffee klatches were becoming a daily routine. Jan would wait till the men left in the morning and come in the door as Ted left.

"Hey Dot! Coffee! Get up sleepy-head!" I was barely awake and was still barefoot and in my bathrobe.

"I have to get dressed, Frenchy. Just a minute."

"No-no, it's Ok come on, we're not going anywhere. And you look sooo sexy that way!" She took my hand to pull me into their apartment. She was also still in her long nightgown. I sat down at the dining table as she came out of the kitchen with a hot carafe and a basket of fresh brotchen. We had much in common since were both European. I was born in Germany and had spent some time in France and had been to Belgium. We had gotten acquainted with conversation about our time in the United States with our American husbands and our return to Europe and sex. Everything was "sexy" to her.

"Your husband is so sexy, is he a good lover?" Always with a laugh. She said she had married Bob because he was a handsome man and a very good lover. As usual, she was still glowing from her morning fuck.

"Bob really make me cum so good this morning, darling." She proceeded to describe how she liked to wake him by slipping under the covers to find his usual morning hardon. "I like to get on top of him and ride his cock till I cum good. And you?" Actually, I have a morning cum every day and since she didn't give me time to wash up, the aroma of my pussy still lingered on my fingers.

"No, Ted was late and in a hurry, but, uh........" I laughed and poked my fingers under her nose.

"Oh, cheri, I'm still horny! Let me sniff again!" Then she grabbed my fingers and brought them back to her face. "Ummmm, cest bon!" We both laughed. It was then she asked the inevitable question and now I was close to cumming in her mouth at their dining room table. I held her head with both hands as she mouthed my pussy and tongued my clit. I looked down into her lust filled eyes.

"You are very good, and you are going to make me cum very quickly!" She stopped and replied, "It's Ok, I will make you cum again and again, ma cheri." Then she returned her mouth to my cunt. I pulled her head tighter to my crotch and fucked her face for all I was worth. She hummed into my pussy as she sucked and my pelvis trembled on the chair. I lifted my bare legs around her back and squeezed as my orgasm exploded into her mouth. She stayed on the carpet while she flicked her tongue at my clit and fingered me to a second orgasm. Slowly and lovingly she brought me back to earth.

"Oh my! That was delicious, Jan. I haven't had that kind of loving since we left the states and my girlfriends."

"Oooh, tell me about them, Dot." Her face was wet with my juices. I pulled her up and she sat on my lap with one arm around my neck. I kissed her open mouth and I tasted myself on her tongue. She turned toward me and straddled her legs over mine as we continued to kiss each other. Her nightgown was bunched up around her waist now and I reached under to caress her pantied buttocks with both hands. I slipped my fingers under her panties and found the crack of her ass. She lifted slightly so I could feel her pussy lips. She caught her breath as I inserted a finger close to her clit. It was very wet down there. She suddenly jumped up with my hand in hers.

"Come, cheri, let's get back in my bed and you can tell me all about your girlfriends." I dropped my bathrobe as we made our way down the hall to the master bedroom. We embraced and covered each others bodies with our hands eagerly exploring. We wound our legs together to grind our cants close and our arms encircled each other as we fell on the bed. I felt for her ample breasts under her nightgown and I lowered my head to take a hard nipple into my mouth. Her hands were at my pussy.

"Let's take these night clothes off," I told her. When I helped her pull her nightgown over her head I got my first look at her nakedness. She was delicious. So I pushed her back down on the bed and turned toward her feet to find her cunt. I could see her pouty and swollen pussy lips. I was about to return the dining room table favor. She moaned as my tongue found her clit and she pulled my head to her. Her warm thighs pressed against my ears as I opened my mouth to french-kiss her cunt.

"Oooooh, cheri! You are so good to me! I am so happy to find you.....someone who knows how to love my pussy," she panted. "Men do not know how to eat pussy," she continued as I hummed back in response. I learned she loved to talk constantly while having sex.

"Does Ted know how to eat pussy?" She wanted to know everything.

"Umm, um, um," was all the response I wanted to give her while my mouth was glued to her luscious cunt.

"Does he have a beeg one, cheri? Do you suck heem good? I love to suck cock. Uh! Oh, oh, yes! Is this good, cheri" She had two fingers sliding up and down her wet cunt lips as I licked at her clit. I diddled my own clit. I was thoroughly enjoying her warmth and wetness with my mouth. I had my hands clutching her buttocks. I squeezed and spread them to allow my mouth to her anus as well. I knew she would like that.

"Aaahhhhhhh! Aaahhhhh! Uh, uh, oooooh!" Her hips were humping back into my face and I knew she was close to orgasm. So was I. "I am cumming,cheri! Aaahhhh, uh, ah, aaaah." My pussy was throbbing and I could not hold it back either. I thought we would melt into each other as we orgasmed together. My head was clenched tightly to her crotch and we were panting and heaving for minutes before we recovered enough to speak but she was making whimpering sounds as her breathing slowed.

"Ma cheri," she said as we untangled and she turned toward me to kiss my lips and face. I was still on my back when she sat up next to me then swung a leg over my hips to straddle me. "This is how I sit on my Bob when I fuck him on top this morning," she said laughing as she bounced up and down on my pelvis simulating her morning fuck. Then she moved one leg under and brought my leg up to her chest so that our legs were scissored and our cants were lips to lips. The wetness sealed our nether lips together.

"You like, my darling?" My pussy was hot and trembly. I thought about my double-dildo, still unpacked in the closet, next door. I reached up to fondle her nipples as she gently ground our cants together. "Tell me about your other girlfriends, Dot."

"Well, I had several girlfriends when we were stationed in California. I loved Phyllis the best. She's a shy little redhead, kinda like the color of Brooke's hair, and a very, as you would say, a sexy lady. She was married to an Air Force guy too like Maxine. Maxine was very special too."

As I spoke I glanced toward the bedroom door which had a full-length frosted glass pane in the center and saw movement on the other side. I saw the red hair before it disappeared and thought, I'm imagining things, as I told Jan about my little redhead I had left behind in California just months before.

Brooke had just finished high school and was planning to live with her mom and step-dad till she decided where she would attend college. She was the product of a brief affair in Jan's early days, and was taller than her mother. A thin and pretty redhead with a still developing figure, had her mother's vivacious personality. Brooke was enjoying her stay in Europe and really hated to leave her mother and step-father. She doted on Bob and was openly flirtatious with him. He loved his stepdaughters's affection and Jan loved to see them happily together.

I said nothing to Jan. I was enjoying her ministrations too much to be distracted. She listened intently as I recalled various and earlier relationships before and after I married Ted. Ted......yes, he will very much enjoy hearing about this tonight I thought.

"Phyllis had never been with another woman before me, but she was ready. I used to kid around with her like you do with me. I would kiss and hug her a lot so she got used to it. One night she really got hot. I got into her panties and gave her a good fingering and she let me. After I gave her an orgasm with my mouth, I couldn't keep her away!"

Jan continued to rub her pussy against mine as I talked. She had her hands on my breasts and between our legs playing with our clits. I kept telling her about my previous experiences and we were slowly building another cum.

"Did she eat you good too,cheri?" Her breathing was coming a little faster.

"Oh yes, she was hot. Her husband Frank really had a nice cock too." Her eyes popped open in surprise and she stopped rubbing.

"Did you fuck her husband too? Did Ted fuck her too? Did you go together?" I had to interrupt her. She had a lot of questions before I could answer.

"Hold it, Frenchy......hold it! I'll tell you all about it, but don't stop fucking!" I reached up to pull her to me and she dropped down facing me. I wanted to kiss her mouth suck on her tongue. I was really hot, but I wanted it to last a while longer. God it was good! I found her warm pussy and thought about that dildo again. Wish I had it now, but I didn't want to interrupt this for nothing. Next time, next time.

"Yes, I fucked Frank and her together and Ted filled her little hole a few times too. I liked to lick her while Frank or Ted had a cock in her. Once in a while she came so hard she would pass out!" Jan was really rubbing faster now and panting with each word. Her fingers were furiously frigging my clit and I was fingering hers. We were ready for another cum now.

I caught a movement at the door again. It was definitely Brooke. I did not make it obvious that I had seen her and she was too involved with her young pussy to notice. Her hair was still rumpled from sleep, she was barefoot and wearing only what she had slept in, a teeshirt and panties. Her panties were filled with both hands and she leaned against the door jamb, hunched and also well into a trembling orgasm. In an instant I realized that Jan must have known that her daughter was sleeping in her bedroom all the time. At the same time I was cumming hard and so was Jan. She breathlessly slumped on top of me with her hair in my face.

I panted quietly into her ear, "Your daughter is watching." Jan slowly turned her head toward the door. Brooke, her fingers still rubbing her pussy, saw her mother looking at her.

"Oh, honey, have you been there all this time?" Which surprised the heck out of me.

"Come here, my little one," Jan said lovingly, "Come on.... Dot will not mind, will you Dot?" I was speechless as Brooke removed her fingers from her panties and walked slowly toward the bed. All I could do was smile at her and she smiled back and jumped in between us. We both put our arms around her and laughed.

"Did you enjoy watching me and Dot?" Brooke made a feeble but positive response. "I know you liked it, didn't you, you naughty girl!" Then to me, "She likes to watch Bob and me too," then back to her, "Huh, honey?" Brooke giggled, and we laughed at her.

I asked Brooke, "Are you still virgin?" I wanted to feel between her young legs but I held off not knowing quite what was happening. Jan answered for her.

"She has fucked a couple of young friends, but she has never been with a woman, Dot. But, now I know who will teach her!" We all laughed but I could feel the lust throbbing in my chest for this little cutie pie.

"I was just your age, when someone my age now, showed me how wonderful another woman's love can be, sweetie. I was an exchange student in Paris where I lived with a nice family. I shared a bedroom with their daughter, Charlize. What fun we had! And her mother first licked my little pussy." Jan was frigging herself again under the covers and Brooke's hips were also humping slightly as I told my tale.

I told them how Charli and I would sneak down the hallway to her parents bedroom to watch them fuck at night. "We would run back to our bed and masturbate furiously. The mother, Claudia, came in one night and joined us."

Laying face-up, Brooke brought her left leg over my right leg and I could not resist reaching to touch and rub her outspread thigh lightly down to her red bush. I rubbed her cloth covered pussy. Her panties were wet. Jan, on her left side, rested her head on Brooke's shoulder and covered her daughter's other leg with her own. Jan placed her hand on mine as I squeezed and rubbed Brooke's pussy. Brooke's left hand reached between my legs and not knowing quite what to do, she rested her hand there and squeezed lightly. She was breathing faster through her mouth.

I turned slightly toward her and first kissed her cheek. She turned her head to me and kissed my mouth. Then we opened our mouths and hotly sucked each other's tongues as I pulled her panty crotch aside and placed my middle finger into her little pussy. I frigged her clit with my thumb, my middle finger firmly ensconced in her warm, wet hole. She was humping at my hand but I decided that she had fingered herself to orgasm already. I knew she needed my tongue. I untangled and sat up. Brooke's eyes flickered in surprise then realized as I lifted her leg that I was going to go down on her.

Brooke held her breath as she waited, but not long. Between her legs, I parted her red bush to see the pink slit before me. I lowered my mouth and covered her pussy with it. I sucked in one side of her pussy lips and pulled, then the other. I reached into her hole with my tongue as far as I could go and tongue-fucked her. Her hands found my head and held on tightly. After toying with her cunt till she was whimpering I kissed her clit then sucked it gently into my mouth. Again I placed my middle finger to her cunt and finger-fucked as I sucked on her clit.

Jan had sat up against the headboard, knees up, and was watching me eat her daughter as she rubbed her own pussy with one hand and held tightly onto Brooke's hand with the other.

"Is it good, honey? Is it good? I told you would like it and I knew Dot could be your first woman."

Brooke turned her head to look up at her mother. "Oooooh, yes, it's soooo good!" I kept licking and sucking this young pussy and remembering my first time too. Claudia.....yes, so good. Brooke bucked and trembled under my mouth as she had her orgasm, her long thin legs wrapped around my neck. After she unwrapped her legs we sat up on the edge of the bed and I kissed and hugged her.

"Oh, Dot, that was marvelous! I want to do it again and again!"

"Now don't get greedy, honey. We will do it again, but if you haven't noticed, it's afternoon already and I have to go home and get supper ready for my husband."

"Promise we'll do it again, Dot, promise!" She pleaded with me and again hugged and kissed me.

"Yes, sweetie, we will." Then I whispered, "You can come and spend the night with me and Ted. I promise you'll love it."

"Oooooh, I heard that!" said Jan. She was laying on her side watching us, her head resting on her elbow, slowly rubbing her pussy with her free hand.

Later that afternoon my husband Ted came in the door with the usual, "Schatzi! I'm home!"

"Hi Ted, I'm in the kitchen." He came in and gave me a peck on the cheek and gave my buns a squeeze. I wiped my hands on the dishcloth then turn to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck. After a deep kiss, I said, "Wait till I tell you what happed next door today."

"What? What happened? Did you get into her pants? Well, did you?"

I had discussed this possibility with Ted from the moment we met the neighbors. He knew about my bisexuality when we got married. I think that's one the reasons he wanted to marry me so much.

"More than that. I had a threesome with Jan and Brooke!"

"No shit? Did you really?" His eyes were wide with surprise and I could feel the bulge in his pants. I reached down to fondle his growing cock. Not the biggest cock I've ever had, but nice. He had seen me take the biggest cock I've ever had.

"Yeah, really. Jan came in and dragged me over there for coffee and one thing led to another. Next thing I knew she was licking my pussy at the dining room table."

"Wow! And Brooke? How did that happen?"

"She had been home all the time. Anyway, Jan and I ended up in her bed and Brooke had been watching us from the hallway door. Jan told her to join us. I guess she had talked to her a lot about sex and that Jan would help her get a shot at her first woman. And I was it." At this point I had to unzip his trousers and kneel down to get his cock out. It was a full hardon and I put the head of it in my mouth and sucked on the head before taking half its length down my throat.

"Oooh, fuck! Tell me, did you eat them both?" He loved hearing about my girl-girl adventures. Not that he hadn't been involved with a few me and I knew he would join me in fucking Jan together. He was going to blow his wad if I told him he had a date with me and Brooke. I stopped and stood up before he filled my mouth with his cum.

"Jan and I did a great sixty-nine before Brooke came in. I did Brooke after that while Jan watched." I stroked his cock while I spoke. "I gave Brooke her first orgasm with another woman. I also invited her to spend an evening with you and me."

"Really? I can't wait for that!" I took the dishcloth and wrapped his cock in it and jerked him off standing up. "Aaaaaah! Uh, uh, uuuuuh!" He twitched and humped into my hand. Then I bent over to suck him off. That evening retold the morning's events in greater detail and we had a memorable fuck for a Thursday evening. Ted always loved hearing the details.

Next....Frenchy's Daughter Brooke

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Miami Heat

It was late in November and I was on the heels of a vacation in Miami with my boys. We had partied the entire week and didn't have much to show for it. The ladies in South Beach were no joke, but not feelin our crew. It was a long, tough week and my juices were flowin like no other time.

My boys were heading to the beach to try their luck but I decided to stay by the pool and relax. The previous night was a rare good one, and the pool was loaded with women. I noticed in the distance a large crowd and a hot blonde amongst it. I went over to see what was going on and there she was, every man's fantasy Britney Spears. As I approached the crowd of body guards our eyes met, which sent a chill through me. It was that fuck me look I had so often seen in magazines, but due to her recent marriage, I knew it was just a look. I sat down just hoping to catch a glimpse of her golden, now sculpted body live and in the "flesh." She had her back to me across the pull as she bent over at the waste and slowly slipped her shorts off - almost as if she knew every guy in the place was staring at her. I followed her shorts as they slowly moved over her ass and down her sexy, smooth, tan legs. Then with a swing of her flowing blonde hair she stood up and lifted off her tank top, revealing a very skimpy top showing off her round, perfectly lifted breasts. She obviously has been in the gym, her stomach was flat, her body was sculpted and she looked as good as ever......

There she was standing in front of me, beginning to rub oil all over her body. I remember thinking how horny it made me just thinking about rubbing her body with my hands. Slowly now her hands full of oil caressed each breast, covering them with a glistening of oil. Then she ran her hands over her body, and up and down each leg assuring all body parts were covered and every guy at the pool was horny. It was the moment of truth so I wnt to the bar, grabbed a couple drinks and approached this goddess. I introduced myself and offered the drink, she said how sweet it was and thanked me, buy said she was married and couldn't accept. Besides her husband was there with her as I just noticed him in the distance. I went back to my seat and called the waiter over...told him to deliver a drink to Britney and tell her her husband sent it. This worked and went on for about 3 drinks...finally she had enough and went looking for her husband.

A few minutes later she returned looking upset and proceeded to the bar to get a drink and went to the pool. She was now in about 3 feet of water all wet...her white suit showing a bit of her perfectly round and now pointed nipples...I then approached again and offered a drink to her again...this time was different, not only did she accept, but she invited me into the pool with her. I was now up close and personal, her body was unbelievable...luckily I was waste high in the water, cuz I developed a raging hard on...Her lips were full, red, and luscious..her skin was smooth and tan, her bikini barely covered 1/4 of her tits, and pushed them up with nice cleavage. As I stood there half tipsy now, all I could think about was taking her right there. We shared about 3 drinks in the pool before she got she took each rung of the ladder exiting the pool, I thought about going over and grabbing her, pulling down her bikini bottom and pulling her into the pool. My fantasy was causing a huge hard on, as I thought about reaching around her body and caressing her big, beautiful tits as I bent her over and penetrated her with my fingers...then I heard my name awaken my daydream as Britney was saying"wow where were you just now, I'm taking was nice meeting you." I couldn't jump out of the pool at this point so I just said bye and she began walking away. Then I went way out on a limb and asked if she wanted to get together later. she said "it depends on my husband." I gave her my room # and told her to call when she figured it all out......

I had to run and tell my boys what they just missed, and then went up to my room to "wind down." As I got out of the shower the phone rung, it was my boy seeing if I was going out, at the slimmest hope I'd have plans, I declined. As I hung the phone up, it rang again...I answered it "what the fuck you want now??" It was Britney, she's like"I have the wrong #" and began hanging up. I yelled "no,no,no, Britney it's me sorry thought you were my boy buggin me again." She disappointed me with a decline on my invitation, to go to dinner with her husband. After I hung up my boys were already gone so I just watch some TV..about 2 hours later there was a knock at the door, it was Britney...she asked "you have anything to drink in here, I can't take this married shit no more. All he does is order me around and not treat me how I like to be treated." I said wow, I'm sorry and fixed her a double. We sat and drank and talked for a while, apparently her hubby went off with a group of people to party, 2/3 of which were women. I was blown away at how good Britney looked, her body was being shown off with a strapless sun dress. Her tits poking out of the top of it, while her legs smoothed with lotion, stretched way beyond the end of the material...she smelled so good as we sat right next to each other on the couch....

We had about 4 drinks along with the ones poolside, so I was feeling real good and a little weird. Britney went into the bathroom...she was in their a few minutes so I knocked to see if she was OK...she yelled out yes, I'm just getting comfortable...

After another minute or so, she opened the door and came out but something was different as if something changed...I went into the bathroom to do my business and noticed my gel and hairspray were out, and it hit me she did make her hair a little more messed up and slutty looking...I opened the door to leave the bathroom and there she was, Britney Spears in her white, satin, strapless bra and and white lace panties sitting on the couch. She motioned me to sit down next to her, how could any man refuse?? She was so tan, her golden hair flowed over each shoulder, her round tits accentuated her bra, and her eyes looked at me with a seduction in mind...she ripped open my shirt and laid me down rubbing her hands all over my body, sending chills through me...she worked her way down to my shorts unbuttoning them as she went, pulling them off while at the same time rubbing her hands along my now raging cock. She crawled up to me seducing my mind with every move...Then she straddled me grabbing my arms and pinning them behind me...She started kissing me first slow and then harder and harded teasing me with her tongue...then she whispered in my ear, "what were you thinking about when I was leaving the pool?" I told her I was watching her step out of the pool thinking I wanted to touch her amazing body, pulling each article of clothing off slowly, then rub her down with my hands as one caressed her tits and the other fingered her to orgasm...this was making her extremely horny, she was licking my cock now and wanting to hear more of the fantasy...I kept going telling after she orgasmed to my finger I would bend her over and penetrate her pussy with my raging hard cock. Going in and out, slow then hard and fast...all the while rubbing and touching her smooth sexy body....

Talking made me and her hornier and Britney was mouthing my cock she kissed my body, still clothed, and asked me how I'd like to have the fantasy lived out...I couldn't believe what I heard so I grabbed her and stood up, pulling her close to me kissing her...I asked her If she wanted to be my fantasy tonight...she stepped away from me, and unbuttoned her bra allowing it to fall to the floor...her tits were exposed, round and firm...the nipple was a perfectdollar size and hard....then she turned around and pulled off her white lace thong...she bent slowly at the waste, teasing me with herlast piece of clothing. I walked up to her and pulled her hair gently to stand her up...I kissed herneck and shoulders and began fingering her first with one, then with two fingers....I couldn'tresist grabbingher tits, they were perky, firm and my cock wantedher pussy now worse than anything ever...

I kept fingering her clituntil she orgasmed...she yelled like I had never heard before...Britney had the loudest orgasm I'd heard,and shekept forcing myfingers in and out of her...she then turned around and pushed me to the bed, sitting me down and putting my cock inher mouth...she said "sit back and relax and let me pleasure you."I gladly accepted. she caresses my nuts as she slowly moved her tongue and lips all over my cock, the beginning of what would become an amazing blow job. First she went hands free, allowing me to fuck her face as her tongue wet my cock and she licked pre ejac off it. Then she went to work with hand and mouth driving me close to cumming...she finished me off by squeezing between my legs and putting my dick between her squeezed together tits...they were so soft, it felt so good rubbing my cock between them, and she finally brought me to orgasm, so I came all over her stomach and tits...

She cleaned up in the bathroom, and I laid on the bed hoping to regain stamina quickly. Britney came out of the bathroom with a robe on...I motioned her to the bed she approached the bed from the foot and crawled up to me, her tits just about to fall out of the robe. I ripped the robe off her and suddenly I started to harden up again...I began kissing her and moved down to her pussy, licking her lips and tongueing her clit, as it quivered wanting more...then Britney grabbed my head and said "fuck me now pleeeeaaase!!!! This is the moment I've waited for, Britney Spears laying in my bed begging me to fuck her...she laid there with her legs spread adn her pussy calling me to it....I began sucking her tits, as she grabbed my cock and put it in her felt unreal...her pussy was so moist and her lips were so soft as I kissed her and fucked her hard...I pulled out and threw her over and began fucking her doggie style...her tits were bouncing her back was so I fucked her I kept looking down at her perfect, firm ass....she orgasmed even louder than before...I kept penetrating her not wanting it to and out her pussy rubbed my cock...she said let me do some work and threw me down and straddled me...the best fuck of my life was about to climax...I laid there looking up at the seductive eyes and beautiful face of Britney...meanwhile she's straddled me riding me hard...her tits bouncing up and down...I kept rubbing her tremendous legsadn grabbing her tits...fucking her to another she screamed I let my load go into her pussy....

what an unbelievable night....we both just laid down on the bed and went to sleep...the night the stars aligned and a horny britney Spears sought me out....the end

Robin Hood

All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.

This is the story of how dangerous it is meeting people you only know through contact on the internet. You will hear how I meet Robin and he takes me deep into the forest to meet his merry men, where because I was not a willing participant, they made Marion.

I get myself dressed in a sensible long burgundy skirt, and a black jumper with a vee neck that showed off just a little cleavage. The last thing I want to do is to look tarty or cheap. One last look in the mirror. Yes I'll do. My brother was sat in the lounge of the mobile home we shared and as I came out,
Not bad for a big sis. Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?
No thanks. I'm sure I'll be ok. I'm a big girl now.
I pat my cat on the head.
Bye Jessie.
As I leave our drive through the big iron gates, I wonder what this man will be like.

I'm a school teacher, and I look after twenty-eight small children in a little school. As my little red Corsa makes its way through the windy roads of the Mendips, I begin to question my decision to meet this man on my own. He was a guy I'd met on the internet, a couple of years younger than me, but we'd hit it off talking on MSN. I was nervous; of course I always was when I met someone for the first time, especially alone. But he gave me all the signs of being genuine and we were meeting in a pub. So there was no real cause to be afraid.

Well too late now, here's the Black Boar, and I'm rolling into the car-park. God! That must be him; it's the only red FreeLander in the car park. He is sitting up there so high, and god is he handsome. Now he's recognised my car, and he's getting out. Now he's at floor level, he's smaller than I'd expected, which is good, as I'm not tall myself. He's only slightly built, with short hair. Well this is it, I open my door, and he is walking towards me.

Hi. You have to be Marion. Boy this feels strange.
Yes that's me, so I guess you're Robin. But why strange?
Meeting you in the flesh, well not exactly in the flesh, but face to face at last. And I was right; you do have such a pretty face.
Ok enough with the flattery, we're not talking on MSN now.
Sorry, but even though this is our first meeting, I feel like I know you.
That's ok, but don't take that as a signal that you can get too familiar.
Ok, I'll behave myself. It's obvious you're a school teacher; you know how to put someone in their place. Well can I treat you to a meal?
I'm not sure, but I could definitely use a drink.

We go inside and his conversation is light and frivolous, with no sense of urgency or pressure. This, and the two drinks I've just downed, give me the confidence to take this meeting to its next level. After all, I've been talking about sexual acts with this man for some weeks now, and the idea of this meeting was to satisfy my aching pussy.
Ok you smooth talking bastard, I think you'd better get me back to your den of iniquity before I have too much to drink. More to the point I want to see if you can live up to your late night promises.
Well if you're sure you want to go through with this, I'm ready when you are.

So minutes later, we're both in his big 4 x 4 bowling our way around the narrow country lanes. We are travelling away from my native territory, and soon I'm travelling down roads that I don't recognise. But I feel confident that he knows where he's going. Then we turn-off the tarmac roads, and start bouncing our way along a very narrow bumpy cart track.
Where the hell do you live? In the middle of a forest?
Really? This isn't just a short cut to somewhere?
No. My house is at least five miles as the crow flies from any other building. And the tracks through this forest confuse the most ardent of walkers, with their stupid little ordnance survey maps. We get them wandering around lost all the time.

Jokingly I said,
So I guess once you've got me to your place, there'll be no point in me trying to escape?
None at all. What with the marshes and quick sand around here, you'd be lucky to be alive tomorrow morning.
Well at the time I thought I was joking, but as the old saying goes, 'Many a true word spoken in jest.'
I gave a half hearted laugh.
Ha Ha. You are joking I hope?
No not really. But you've no need to worry, I'll take you back as soon as I've got that little pussy of yours purring.
I blushed, but let his remark go without comment.

Is it much further?
Well not in miles, but the path gets trickier ahead, so it'll take us about another ten minutes.
Jesus! It gets worse than this?
Just then we came to what looked like a small clearing, with two more tracks leading from it. But we took off into what looked like blind trees. There was a track, but it was so overgrown, branches lashed against the sides of his Land Rover. The ground below us was just a quagmire of muddy water.
Ok so you were right. Don't tell me you have to use this track every day to go to work and back?

Don't be silly, I don't live out here. This is an old hunting lodge; I use it with some friends of mine when we go shooting.
So why aren't we going to your house?
Well somehow, I don't think my wife would get on to well with you.
WIFE? You told me you were single.
I told you lots of things, but that doesn't mean they were true.

I instinctively reached for the door handle, but it had no effect. There must be some master control he'd switched off. But even if I'd been able to open the door and get out, how or where would I run to?
You Bastard!
What's wrong?
You lied to me.
Fucking hell, don't tell me you've been honest about everything you've told me?
I've never lied to you.
So that means you're coming here to be fucked?
I blushed again.
Well yes.
So what's changed, you didn't expect me to commit to getting married to you first did you?
No but...
But nothing. We'll have a good time, and then I'll take you back to the pub. Where's the problem?

I didn't reply, I just sat there feeling somehow cheated, but he was right, what difference did it make him being married? Now ahead I saw a clearing, but there were five big 4 x 4's of various makes parked around in front of a wooden lodge. The smoke was billowing from the chimney, and the lights were burning bright from all the windows.
That's good, they've got the fire already lit for us, and it'll be nice and warm in there.
Don't get your knickers in a twist, nobody's gonna harm you.

We pulled to a stop, and both doors opened, he jump from his side, and I climbed down from mine. He walked around to the front, and stood holding his hand out to me. I stood there looking back at the deep rutted muddy quagmire or a track that we just arrived by. All around were marsh and scrub land, and I thought about the quicksand he mentioned. I wanted to run, but I knew it was impossible.
Well are you going to try your luck, or are you coming in to meet my friends?

You're lying bastard, and I'd never have left the pub if I'd known.
Don't get so worked up, I'm only going to make one of your fantasies come to life for you, you should be grateful.
One of my fantasies? What do you mean?
Come-on inside, you don't want to spoil the surprise. Come-on we won't hurt you.
Ok, but remember I know who you are, and I told my brother who I was meeting.
Well you know one of my identities. But anyway, you've got nothing to worry about, you'll be back home tomorrow night, with nothing more than a sore pussy and arse, and you can get your brother to rub them both with some cream.
Pack that in. I won't have you saying things like that.

I've had enough of what you will or won't have; you're the one taking orders from now on. So get your fucking arse in that cabin before I get the hunting dogs out here to round you up. And if you're thinking of running, they'll have you surrounded before you get fifty yards. Now fucking move it.
The tone of his voice was intimidating, and I immediately started making my way towards him. As soon as I was near, his arm went around my shoulder, and he was calm and pleasant again.
That's better; you know we're just going to have fun with you.

He walked me up to the big front door, and in we went.
The door opened into a large room, with a big log fire blazing away in a stone fireplace. Sat around on old armchairs and sofas were seven men. Not all young, the oldest one must have been getting on for my dads age. They all had drinks in their hands, and as the door opened, they all turned to face us.
Ok guys, the main attraction has arrived, and I don't think she's quite as confident as she used to be on the net.

The door was shut behind me, and I was walked to the area in front of the fire place. There were various remarks being made about my personal appearance, mostly complimentary, even if crude and cheeky.
Well Marion my little sex bomb, I hope you're on the pill.
Look, I told you I'd only agree to sex, if you're wearing a condom.
But as I've just told you, you're the one taking orders from now on. And if you think we're pissing around with rubber wellies (rubber hunting boots) on our dicks, then you're very much mistaken.
But that was what we'd agreed. And it was supposed to be just us two; there was never any mention of any more men getting involved.

You're not very bright for a school teacher, hasn't it sunk in yet? What you agreed has nothing to do with what you're gonna get. Over the past few months, we've took it in turns to talk to you on line. Sometimes on our own, sometimes, with up to five of us on line with you at the same time. So we know all your little fantasies, even the things that you are curious about, but say you're not sure you'd dare to try. Well tonight Marion, is your night, your going to try everything you've ever mentioned, and maybe a few more ideas, that you've never even heard of. So its up to you whether you resist, or go with the flow, either way, makes no difference to us. You can't escape. You can make as much noise as you want. And you haven't got a fucking clue where you are, or who you're with. So if you're stupid enough to visit a police station after we've finished with you, all you'll succeed in doing is letting a load of hairy arsed PC plods spread your legs for you, and gaup at the cum running from your cunt and arse. So my dear, are you stripping off for us? Or do we have to strip you?

Look Robin, I thought you were my friend.
I'm not Robin, that was a name we made-up between all of us. And I am your friend. All I want is a friendly fuck.
Please, I know you've got me trapped, and I was stupid to come with you, but if I go along with letting you all fuck me, will you at least wear condoms? I've got some with me, so long as you don't all want too many goes at me.
Ok then, we're all reasonable guys. You get stripped off, and start by giving us all a blow job?

After what he had been suggesting, this seemed like I'd got through to him, and he was human after all, so I jumped at the chance before he changed his mind.
Oh yes! I'll blow all of you, and while I'm blowing one, the rest can play with me or finger me wherever they want.
What do you say lads, are we ok with that?
To my relief there was a general round of approval from the men.
Ok Marion, looks like they're happy to let you strip off for them, shall I put some music on for you to get down to?
You can, but don't expect a professional striptease.

He put the CD player on, and I began taking off my clothes, moving as I went, but I was so nervous, I don't think I made a very good job of it. Gradually as bare flesh became visible, the hands began reaching towards me, and I felt their fingers stroking my skin. Now I was down to my bra and knickers, I had maybe four men, stood-up forming a tight circle around me. Their hands were exploring every part of my body. As my bra came off, I had two mouths clamping like limpets to my nipples, sucking and nibbling. I couldn't get my knickers down past my waist, as I was unable to stoop with the men so close to me. But my knickers came down all the same, one of the men made sure of that.

Now I was naked, my legs were pulled open, and fingers probed both my arse and pussy. Still being fingered, I was pulled across to where a man was seated, and as I was taken down to my knees, bringing my mouth to his dick, I could now see he was naked. Most of the men were stripping themselves as they fumbled with my body. I took this semi-hard dick to my lips, and soon had a rampant throbbing monster pulsing in my mouth. Fingers were ramming both my pussy and arse, and my nipples were on fire with the nibbling and tweaking they were getting. My pussy had started throbbing, and the earlier fear had subsided. Gradually I began to enjoy the overload of attention my body was receiving.

My head was pulled from the first mans dick, and an already hard member was thrust into my mouth. Which one I had was immaterial to me, and I just kept sucking and massaging the new shaft I'd been given. I could feel the pulsing in my pussy getting stronger, and I began to think an orgasm can't be far away. Then the fingers pulled out, and my pussy was in a kind of limbo, like a dog panting after it has retrieved and dropped it stick for its master, and is waiting for it to be thrown again. My pussy panted and waited to be satisfied by the next fingers.

Then I felt the big bell-end of a dick, and as it touched my lips, they parted, welcoming it in.
Agg agg agg agg.
I tried in vain to shout back asking if he'd got a condom on, but my head was firmly held onto the other mans dick. So now the man behind me was up my pussy thrusting for all he was worth. And although I somehow knew he hadn't got a condom on, I was powerless to stop him. But worse was that I was powerless to stop my pussy from giving him the impression that I was enjoying it!

My body was being worked from every conceivable angle, and I knew an orgasm was inevitable, and it would be upon me pretty soon. Oh no, he's coming to his vinegar strokes, and I can't stop myself. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ah god! Fucking hell was that good. He pumped every last drop of his cum deep up inside me, and my pussy exploded, flooding juice everywhere. Oh god was that good; never mind what my sensible head was thinking, my pussy really needed that fucking.

The man in my mouth withdrew his dick, and I expected my head to be pulled to another man, but no, I was now manoeuvred across the floor. One of them was already on his back, and I was led across, and positioned astride him. I didn't resist as they lowered me down, and my pussy slid onto his mighty shaft. Then I had a dick pushed to my mouth, and as he started fucking my face, I settled down for another fucking session.

But someone was fingering my arse, and not just with one finger! As his fingers pulled out I could feel his dick pushing hard at my bottom. The fingering had lubricated my hole, and it didn't take much force by this big dick, to open it back up, and allow it to ease its way in. Now I've been fucked in the pussy loads of times, and fucked in the arse just a few, but never before at the same time. I've obviously seen it on porno, and mused with the idea of having a go, but I'd always expected it to be on my own terms, and done gently. Not being forced to take three big dicks at the same time, and all delivered as though there wasn't a moment to loose.

So even though I was by now well and truly turned on, this rough pounding was still unnerving me. But as they fucked relentlessly on, without a care as to my feelings, my tension and anger melted, and my pussy started to work its magic. I'd got three dicks, two mouths on my nipples, and I don't know how many hands everywhere around my naked body. How could I possibly not start working towards another orgasm? But now to my disappointment, the man in my pussy and the one in my arse, both started cuming within seconds of each other. But I'd only just got over my anger, at being forced into this situation, so my orgasm was only just like storm clouds on the horizon.

The man got up off my back, and I was pulled up off the man on the floor, but only to be lowered back down onto the man whose dick I'd just been sucking. This time, I was expecting the dick to start probing my arse, and sure enough, he was there, pumping his big hard length deep into me. Another man had given me his dick to suck on, and the action recommenced. But this time I was resigned to my fate, and already partially worked up. So before they were ready to cum, my pussy was reaching meltdown, and although I had already had several minor flutters, I was struggling to hold my major explosion until I detected them on their final approach.

Well I succeeded, and as I felt the man up my arse quicken his pace, I let my senses go wild. My pussy was in spasms, clamping the dick as it was on it's withdraw stroke, squeezing the cum from his mighty shaft. And the tightening of my pussy automatically drew the flesh, giving the dick up my arse the same treatment. Without realising, I'd also begun sucking the dick in my mouth, like my life depended on it. Well to say that was a great fuck would be an understatement; it was like no fuck I've ever known. And judging by the three men, I don't thing any of them would disagree.

So as they all slumped down exhausted, was I allowed to rest for giving such an exceptional performance? What do you think? There were three more men pumping their dicks in and out before my pussy had stopped pulsing. And my body had started working its way to another climax, but this one did not prove to be so outstanding, though never the less pleasant. This kind of treatment went on without any pause, well not for me anyway, for over an hour and a half! When they did eventually tell me I could have a breather, I just slumped down on the sofa, totally naked, not attempting to cover up at all. I had spunk dribbling from both my pussy and arse, and streaks of it all over my body. I'd swallowed god knows how much, and how much was still in my womb looking for eggs to fertilise I have no idea.

Someone brought me a drink, and I took a swig, then about had a coughing fit, as I was not used to whisky.
Cough Cough Cough Cough. Oh god! I didn't realise it was whisky. No thanks. I never drink spirits.
Get it down you; you'll need a bit of Dutch courage soon.
What do you mean? I thought you'd finished with me.
"What ever gave you that idea? The night is still young, and we haven't seen the limits that pussy of yours will go to yet.
No please, no more. I've let you all fuck me in what ever way you wanted, please take me back now.

Do you want this drink? If not we might as well get you started on your next fantasy.
No. I won't do it what ever it is you've got planned.
Then two men carried a low wooden table, maybe 30 cm high & wide, and about a metre long, and placed it in the middle of the floor, about where we'd just been fucking.
Ok, but I'm sure a few glasses of this would make it easier for you.
I'm not doing it. I'm not. I'll fucking scratch and kick like a wild animal.
Don't be silly. If you don't get yourself over to that table, and get yourself spread out face down along it, then we'll get the bull-whips, and thrash your fucking hide, until you can't stand-up. So you'll end-up going home, with marks you'll have to try and explain to your mom and dad. But you'll still have given us our little performance. So come-on now, be sensible.

Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob. Please don't make me. Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob.
Dry your eyes, and drink a few of these down.
Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob Sob. I I don't want a drink.
Ok, then lets have you on the table.
He stood there holding out his hand towards me. I got to my feet, and he led me to the table, like a lamb to the slaughter. I was laid face down, and men either side took hold of my arms and legs. I was bound to the legs of this low wooden table in the kneeling position on my hands and knees.

Before I'd heard the dogs being brought in, I'd already guessed that was what I was being prepared for. Now running into the room came two big German Shepard dogs, both with long tongues hanging out and panting away. They wasted no time at all in finding my pussy, and they were both soon lapping away with those big long tongues. Well I suppose I have to admit that sex with dogs is one of my fantasies, I've seen loads of pictures, and a few videos. It fascinated me for a long while, and I've talked to guys on the net about it. But it was one thing, which I never would have had the courage to try.

Well now it was happening, and not in private, but in front of a room full of perverted bastards who'd tricked me out to their hunting lodge. So as with the double fucking, this session started with me being on edge, and not really in the mood to try this out. But also like the double fucking I'd just been given, it didn't take these dogs long to melt away my resistance. Their tongues were so forceful, and also so long, this was a licking like no other licking I'd ever been given.

Although I was bound to the table, at this point it would not have been necessary, as I had now resigned myself to taking my first dog fucking. And in fact, the licking I was getting had got me to the point where I couldn't wait for one of the dogs to mount me. But before either of them started to climb aboard, I had one of the men kneeling himself down in front of my face, with his big hard dick pointing to my mouth. I opened my mouth, but as my hands were tied, I could only suck him, and he was stroking his own shaft. The introduction of his dick into my mouth distracted me momentarily. Because, as he was entering my throat, I now had to concentrate on my breathing.

Then without warning, I felt the big heavy weight land on my back, and the front legs tucking themselves around my waist. Now his pointy dick was stabbing wildly around the tops of my legs. That's it, he's found his mark, and up it goes. I have to say, it's a little disappointing, because it is so little. I'd expected something a lot bigger, going by pictures I'd seen. Shit he's slipped out, and now he's dismounted.

He runs around to where the man is thrusting hard, and starts licking around my mouth, while the man fucks away at my face. But wait, the other dog is mounting me; he lands his weight much more gently, and is up me with his second stab. Then he was thrusting wildly, and although his dick was only small as it slid up the first time, it rapidly began swelling, until it was now not only very long, but big and fat, stretching my pussy.

He rammed me hard and fast, and I was sure I could feel the infamous �Knot' that everybody talks about with dog fucking. It was somehow different to being fucked by a man, as when a man's dick is fully in, their body and balls slap against you. But this dog, had a massive swelling like a tennis ball in his dick, and as it reached my pussy, it forced itself just a little further in each time. It was almost like my pussy was opening up wider and wider, with every push. I now knew it wouldn't be long before he'd be knotted firmly to me. Oh god, that was almost in. Oh yesssssssssssssss.

Oh my god, I've just been double fucked by a gang of brutal bastards, but they never even got close to this! His knot was now securely inside me, and my belly was swollen like I don't know what! But still his shaft continues to thrust deep into me, pumping like crazy. Oh yes he's cuming, I can feel it warm inside me. But he just keeps cuming, and it squirting out of my pussy alongside the ramming dick. At last he stops, and instantly dismounts from my back.

So although he is facing the other way, his dick is still firmly locked into my pussy, by the huge knot. Everybody thinks this very amusing, and in someway I'm glad I'm tied to the table. I've heard stories of girls being dragged around stuck to the back end of the dog that has just fucked them; at least I'm anchored firmly in one place. The other dog is trying to mount, but he can't get access, until the first dog yields his position. And the man fucking my face is now about to cum. He pulls out, and starts shooting his cum in my face and hair.

The first dog mounts me again, pushing the intruding dog aside, and ramming me wildly again. This time, I'm already a long way towards being aroused, so when he starts to fuck, I'm humping with him. The second dog is now licking the spunk from my face and hair. All sense of shame or humiliation are gone, and I take the dog like I'm being fucked by my master. I now know the telltale signs of his impending spunk, and I bring my pussy to a crescendo to coincide with his. Oh fucking yesssssssss. Yes. Yes. Oh God Yes.

Boy was that some fuck, my pussy is pulsing wildly even though he is lifting himself off. Oh god, his dicks just slipped out, big fat knot and all. Ugg. The second dog lands on my back like a sack of potatoes. His dick stabs, and he's found my hole. Oh yes, he's bigger this time, he must have been getting worked-up while he was watching. Now his knot is pushing at my hole. Oh yes, that's it. He's in! No problem this time.

Now like the first dog, his dick and knot are stretching my pussy, and he's ramming relentlessly. I begin to think my best plan is to try to get as aroused as I can, as quickly as possible. But as my hands are tied, all I have at my disposal it my imagination. So as he humps, I visualise the men all around me, like they were earlier. I feel my orgasm building, and I know it will only take a signal from the dog, to make my pussy once again explode.

Now the dog begins his jerking action, and I feel his spunk squirting inside me. My pussy begins pulsing, and flooding juices from around his pumping dick. He pumps spunk for what seems an eternity. But eventually, he is spent out, and drops himself to the floor. I'm pleased to find my plan of getting myself as aroused as possible has worked, and as he turns away from me, his big swollen dick, knot and all, pull out with an audible, Plop.

I half expected they'd let the first dog re-mount me, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear,
Ok boys, I think that will do for tonight's entertainment.
And with that they began to untie me. I was helped to my feet, and then allowed to dress. Within minutes, I was being thrown from side to side as the big 4 x 4 made its way back along the rough track through the forest. We travelled in silence, and the journey took for ever. But eventually we stopped, and Robin turned to me,

Ok girl. Hope you're ok. I don't think we hurt you. Your car is over there. I'll look for you on line, but I'll understand if you don't want to talk to me. No hard feelings?
I gave him the most menacing look I could muster,
Fuck-off you bastard, if I thought it would do any good, I'd phone the police.
And with that I slammed the door as hard as I could; I'm surprised the door glass didn't break. There was a scrubbing noise of tyres, and the wheels spun on the loose gravel surface as he sped away.

Well that's the end of that tale, and I guess the moral is, don't trust anyone. Did he try to contact me on line? Did I talk to him and his friends? Did we arrange another meeting, where one of his friends brought along a horse? The only way you'll know is to read part two.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Pea Pod Pt2

Pea Pod Pt2
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I awoke to Meka's smiling face, Are you alright Doug? I think you fainted. I took the liberty of placing you into your bed. Then I discovered a wonderful device in your living room. Your television is a wonderful teaching tool. I also used your credit cards to order both of us appropriate clothing from the QVC channel, most stylish if I do say so myself.

Meka! You speak English! How� I started.

I believe, I have already told you Doug. I used your television to teach myself your language. Am I using it incorrectly? she inquired, rather sophisticatedly.

Come here and kiss me, smart ass, I told her.

My pleasure beautiful, she agreed and stuck her tongue down my neck. She started caressing my breasts and then placed a hand between my legs, slipping a finger into my� other butt, just as the plant had.

�Oh shit, the second half of my ecstasy in the plant� it had been, fucking me,' I thought as other similarities started to make themselves apparent.

My cock was a little nubbin in the front of my new wet slit. It must be my clitoris.

Oh� oh� ooh, oh Meka. Don't stop! Don't ever stop baby. Oh, fuck me baby, fuck me. �What in the hell, am I saying? I sound like a slut,' I thought.

Ooh Doug, I love it when you beg. Come on sweetie. Cum for me baby, she urged as she diddled the hell out of my sopping wet cunt.

Oh God� Oh God� Oh GOD! and I felt myself gush out of my new vulva.

That was so cute, my little Dougie. How do you like orgasming as a woman? she asked as she kissed my face up one side and down the other.

I� I� I don't believe� believe it could be like that, I exclaimed lying there caressing up and down the curves of my own new body.

I was surprised to find out that you like breast that big, when the genetic alteration bio-form released you, she stated as she gently felt my gigantic breasts.

What do you mean, �like breasts this big?' I asked incredulously, using my little feminine hands to indicate the mammaries to which I referred.

The bio-form changes you into your ideal woman, well actually just the body of your Ideal woman, it doesn't change your mind. The mind that I fell in love with, she kissed me making my girly body melt into shuddering puddles of feminine desire.

Come on missy, you and I need a shower. I love the shower. I used it a while ago after you fainted and I think it is one of the greatest inventions of your civilization, she stated emphatically.

Don't make your decision too quickly. There are more where that came from, wait until you slide into a Hot Tub, I teased her.

What is a �Hot Tub'? she looked puzzled.

I'll show you later, after we go shopping and pick us up a couple bikinis, I smiled at her and caressed her sides allowing my hands to enjoy the curves of her lithe body.

I love it when you do that Doog, she admitted, and a shudder trembled through her body.

Ha, ha� you called me Doog, just like when we were back on your world. I still think it's cute, I giggled as I rubbed down her flat stomach.

I know Doog, how much, �Doog like native girl', she giggled as she teased me.

Shit girl, you're making me as hot as a volcano. We better get in the shower before I ravish you right here, I admitted as I held her close from behind, caressing her in all of the right places.

Ooh Doog, ravish me, smother me in your beautiful breasts. Make me feel like a whole woman, she crooned, knowing full well what she was doing to me.

Little did she know of my toy collection, but she was going to find out now, Your wish is my command. I started manipulating her clitoris as I walked her towards the headboard. By the time we arrived at the headboard she had already orgasmed once and I had to help support her weak kneed trek around the Serta Dream land awaiting us. (Sheep� eat your hearts out!)

She fell onto the mattress, grateful to be off her knees and somewhere she could spread her legs wide and offer herself up to me.

Be patient my love, daddy is home and he is going to give you the fucking of your lifetime, I told her as I finished donning the strap-on left behind by an old girlfriend. (Don't ask!)

Doog what? she started as I squirted KY jelly all over her lovely vulva and my strap-on.

Her question disappeared into oblivion as the ecstasy of being, fucked by a boner that would never soften, enveloped her.

I banged my hips into her screaming body, Mons Veneris, to Mons Veneris, until she pleaded with me to stop before she lost consciousness.

Oh Doog, you make love to me like never before, she kissed me repeatedly all over my face.

I'm sorry I can't use a real cock on you my love. Is this a better invention than the shower? I giggled as I teased her.

God yes! I can't wait until I can take some of them back to my sisters, she stated excitedly.

What? I screeched dumfounded.

Will you not allow me to take some of these back to your other wives? she looked so disappointed and longingly at me, like she wanted to but if I told her no, she would do as I asked.

Meka dearest, I would never deny you or ah� my other wives anything that was in my power to provide. Are you saying that you can return to your world? That I can return to your world? I asked with disbelief.

At any time my husband desires, she assured me.

How? I asked.

Come with me sweetie, she beckoned.

I followed her into the back room of my apartment. As I approached her, she took my arm and shoved it through the wall, pulling it back quickly, See Doug, I have left the portal open. We may visit my world at will. I know that my sisters will go crazy if you bring to them, your marvelous girl penises, or some of the wonderful lingerie that I have bought for us. You will be the most popular of husbands in the village, even if you cannot give them sons any longer, she assured me.

What makes you think I cannot give them sons anymore? I teased.

My husband, it could be that lovely pussy between your legs, or those magnificent breasts that adorn your oh so feminine body, she kissed me as she said this, so I would know that even though I was, as she claimed, that she still loved me.

Silly girl, on my world we have what is known as artificial insemination. I could bring the sperm of many men to your world and give children to all of my loving wives. On the other hand, we can simply bring them here and get them wildly fucked by hundreds of horny guys. Do you think they would like that? I whispered into her ear.

There are that many men here beloved? she asked wide eyed.

There are that many and more Meka. With some of my wives we could start our own escort service, make money to buy all of the things you would want for your world and get everyone of your sisters knocked up. To top it all off, we could provide a service to some of the men on my world who desire to become women, with all of their hearts, I offered.

There are really such men? Who would willingly sacrifice their manhood to become as we are? she could not understand why someone would willingly do such a thing.

Don't worry my love, once you have experienced what is to be a beautiful woman in my world, you will begin to understand. Some men feel that they were born as the wrong sex and spend most of their lives unhappy. Some even have an operation that makes them look like women, though they could never have babies. They would give anything to have happen to them on purpose, what was forced upon me, including spending months on your world fucking the daylights out of all of our sisters, I smiled as I nuzzled her ear.

If you say it my dearest, I must believe it, though I find it so difficult to believe, her hand came up and stroked my soft cheek.

In that case Meka, I say I stink and need a shower. Do you believe me? I giggled.

She made a grimace and said, I was hoping you would say that, stinky, I didn't want to mention it, she held my face and kissed me again, Let us go and hose you down. We must get dressed and go shopping!

Once in the shower, while I was scrubbing Meka's back I asked her hesitantly, Meka, would you mind having another sister? as I moved the louffa up, down, and all around.

Are you trying to tell me that you already have a wife, Doug? she froze in apprehension.

No Meka, I do not have a wife, I did have a girl friend who was special to me. I do not know how she will react to me as a big boobed girl, but I hope she will at least help us, I informed her, we are going to have plenty to learn about being women in my society and if Gwen will agree, she would be a big help to the both of us.

Meka, turned and held me close, As long as she will not take you away from me, I would love to have another sister, then she kissed me, I was going to ask you if you knew anyone who could teach us. I could teach you on my world, but some of the pretty undergarments that ladies wear here are very complicated. When you were sleeping, (I noticed that she did not say fainted.) I tried to wear a brassiere, but couldn't figure out how to put it on, it is a very complex garment, she informed me, big doe like eyes speaking her earnestness.

At least, that is one womanly thing that I know how women wear. I had to figure out how to take them off of girls at a young age, I giggled at her.

You were a naughty boy, she said as she dried off my tender skin, Oh my that looks cold. Let me help.

She had my nipple in her warm mouth almost before I could gasp in surprise, which turned to a gasp of pleasure.

There that one has relaxed, but the other one needs my help, she warmed my nipple on the other breast.

I think you are going to have to dry my pussy off again, it seems to be drooling again, I told her as I groped her C cup sized mammaries.

Alright, I'll stop. You will have me on my knees orgasming and we will never leave the shower, she stopped her teasing.

Once out of the tub, I snapped up a pair of French cut panties and held them out for her to step in to. She moaned as I slid them up her legs.

How do your women stand this? I think I will have to play with myself all day with these wisps of cloth hugging my sex, she was panting heavily.

I have often wondered myself Meka. But these are what women here wear, I informed her, reaching for one of the bras that must be for her. (It was the small one.)

I helped her into it and adjusted everything as best I could.

Oh Doug, this is a marvel. My breasts feel wonderful in this, like someone is walking behind me, their hands cupping and holding up my bosom. My sisters will be in heaven. You are going to bring such joy to them, there might be a statue made in the village square to honor you, she teased, as she encapsulated my huge jiggly mammaries in a beautiful crimson bra. This is making me soak my new panties, your breasts look totally delicious held in there.

I looked at the new me in the bathroom mirror and swooned.

Luckily, Meka caught me, Doug, are you sick?

That cannot, be me, I told her pointing at the mirror.

Meka hugged me, Yes Doug, that sweet sexy looking girl is you. You are the prettiest woman I know. When I see you all I can think of is making love to you.

I have strawberry blonde hair, big green eyes, stand five foot nothing, and have giant tits. I could get top billing in any issue of Score magazine. Gwen is not going to believe this is me. No way in the world.

I thought about it a minute, Meka I think we are going to have to trick Gwen to get her to come over here, so that we can convince her that I am me.

I can see the truth in that. What do you want me to do? she asked.

I explained my plan to her.

Hello Gwen? My name is Meka. You don't know me, but Doug Gordon asked me to call you. He was lost in the jungle for over a month and is very sick and needs your help.

What can I do? she answered, I'm not a nurse.

I don't know either, he just keeps asking for you. I have been trying to nurse him back to health, but he claims that he needs to see you, and that is all that will be able to help him.

If you're a nurse, then you certainly can do more for him than I can. Don't get me wrong, I will help if I can, but I have no idea what I could do to help.

I'm not a nurse either Gwen. Doug's mother sent me over to look after him. He won't let me call an ambulance or take him to the hospital. Can you come to his place and help me convince him to get professional help?

That stubborn jerk! Yes, I'll be over in twenty minutes and between the two of us, we might be able to beat some sense into him. I'll see you soon Meka, bye.

She is on her way Doug. I hate having to lie to her. Are you sure this is the only way? she looked so remorseful sitting on the sofa, hands clasped sitting on her knees, pinning her navy blue skirt under them.

I don't want to do it either. Just imagine this phone call, �Hello this is Meka, Doug's wife. He was, turned into a woman by a plant on another world. He wants to know if you will come over and help us be proper earth women.' Do you think she would come over here or hang up on you and think you were nuts? I explained.

I think she would believe that I probably will be spending winter in a hollow tree, she admitted.

Shortly afterward, there was a knock on the door.

Meka answered the door as we had planned, while I went into the bedroom.

Hi, I'm Gwen. Are you Meka? Gwen greeted her.

Yes, I'm Meka. I am happy to meet you. Doug has told me so much about you, Meka said as she gently shook Gwen's hand.

Well Doug never mentioned you I'm afraid. What did he say about me? Gwen asked with an eyebrow raised, as she doffed her coat and handed it to Meka.

Only that he cares for you deeply and needs your help very much, she told her truthfully.

Oh my, then he told you more than he ever admitted to me, she was shocked that Doug would open up to this woman about their relationship, more than he ever had to her.

So where is that headstrong fool, she grumbled, arms folded in a defensive posture.

Before you go in and see him, I think that I should prepare you for what you will see. Doug's plane crashed in the jungle. He was hurt in the crash although not seriously and when he was well again he wandered off into the jungle only to be attacked by a plant no one in the civilized world has heard of yet. It changed him. So, try not to be too upset when you see him. Are you ready? Meka explained holding Gwen's hands and looking into her eyes as earnestly as she could.

This sounds crazy, and if I didn't know that this is Doug's apartment I would call the men with the long sleeved white coats that tie in the back, to come and pick you up sister, Gwen told her, uncertainly.

Doug, you can come out now, Meka called to me.

I walked out wearing my black skirt, scarlet silk blouse, and two-inch pumps, unable to look Gwen in the eyes, Hi Gwenie, it's me, Doug.

Gwen fainted dead away.

Wow, she's really out, Meka, declared as she tried to rouse Gwen.

Maybe we should put her in my bed. We can keep it dark in there so that when she does come out of it, there will only be dim images around her. Maybe that will keep it from hitting her in the face all at once, I thought aloud.

I like it, Meka said as she picked Gwen up and carried her to the bed. I watched as Meka took off Gwen's shoes, her dress, and then panty hose. Doug, strip down to your undies and crawl in with us, she told me with a sly smile.

What are you up to? I asked her as I complied, leaving all three of us close together in the bed.

It is an old jungle remedy for shock. Laying with the victim will keep her warm and we can comfort her, she told me as she spooned against Gwen. Come on don't be shy. I'll bet you two have been closer than this.

Uh� I'm not taking that bet, I told her as I hugged them both close to me. (Which is not all, that close when you remember how big my boobs are.)

See if, you can wake her Doug, she prompted.

Gwenie, wake up. I need your help dear. Please wake up Gwen, I pleaded as I gently shook her.

Doug? she mumbled dreamily, Doug, who is that bimbo I saw in your apartment?

Meka, is not a bimbo, Gwen, I said rather indignantly.

Noooo, not Meka, the other one, she asked, her eyes still closed.

I heard Meka giggling on the other side of Gwen as I told her, I'm the bimbo Gwen, Doug.

Doug's a man. Big dick swinging guy, not a bimbo, she replied, as she was rolling over toward my voice.

I was a big dick swinging guy. But I was attacked and now� Well now my girl friend, my lover, just called me a bimbo, I couldn't keep the little choking sound from my voice as the tears threatened to start soaking my pillow.

I watched as her eyes fluttered open, focused on me and she recanted, �I'm sorry I shouldn't have called you a bimbo. Nevertheless, you can't be Doug. He was taller and you don't even look like him at all. Doug has red hair, blue eyes, and broad shoulders. Even if someone cut his dick off, stuffed gallons of hormones into him, and did extensive surgery, he wouldn't look like you.

Meka come to the rescue, I saw it happen to him. That is the real Doug in front of you, fighting back her tears.

It just isn't possible. Hey, wait a minute. What am I doing in bed with two strange women? she exclaimed.

Meka sat up and told her, It is an old jungle remedy for shock. You fainted and we thought that this would be the best way to bring you out of it.

Jungle remedy? This is Reno, Nevada, well just outside of Reno, anyway. There isn't a jungle for a thousand miles, she replied indignantly.

That's it Meka! Can we take her through the spare room and show her? I sat up looking at Meka hopefully.

No problem. Let's all get dressed, she hopped out of bed and started pulling on her clothes.

You think I'm going anywhere with two strange women who are obviously more than half a bubble off plumb? You two are nuts, Gwen jumped up and started quickly dressing.

Don't worry Gwen you won't even leave the apartment, I lied, as I finishing slipping, my high heels on.

When Gwen was dressed we led her to the spare room, both took her hands, and promptly walked all three of us through the wall.

Ahhh! Gwen screamed as she passed into the temple, What the fuck just happened?

You are now in the jungle of my world, explained Meka with a huge shit eating grin on her face, and it is a hell of a lot farther than a thousand miles. Oh, and don't faint, the floor is stone and very hard.

We both had tight grips on her hands, Are you two trying to make a fool of me? Big deal, you built a room in the next apartment that looks like a Mayan temple. You don't fool me.

Meka and I looked at each other and led Gwen outside into the lush green jungle, where she promptly fainted again.

Meka went back to the temple and brought out a bedroll and we lay back down with Gwen and gently brought her back to consciousness.

Gwenie, wake up it's me, Doug the bimbo, wake up and smell the jungle, I giggled at my own silliness.

Doug? Your voice sounds strange. Have you been into the helium again? she mumbled.

I giggled even more and told Meka, If I breathed in helium now, only dogs would be able to hear me!

Doug, I had the strangest dream, you were a little blonde who was all boobs. You and another woman walked me through a wall into a jungle. Isn't that wild? she said sleepily as consciousness returned.

Too bad it wasn't a dream, Gwen, I told her and kissed her lips.

Mmmph! Gwen's eyes were as big as golf balls, you kissed me!

You make it sound like it was the first time, Gwenie. I've been kissing you for more than two years, I told her looking straight into her eyes.

Doug? Is that really you in there? she started to finally realize we had been telling her the truth.

Yes dear, it is me. See Meka I knew this would work, I lifted myself up on my little arm, my chest bouncing, hither, and yon.

Jesus, Doug you sure have yourself a pair! You always did like them big, then she gave me a dirty grin, how do you like having them yourself?

To tell you the truth Gwenie, I like them even better on me than on another women, I grinned back.

You haven't had them very long, wait until you get back aches and discover they are in your way all of the time, she insisted, as she started to stand back up.

I think that is a small price to pay for the orgasmic pleasure I get when they are sucked on, I told her as I kissed her lips again.

Meka jumped in with, Hey, why does she get all of the kisses? I'm your wife too!

You're married? Doug, how could you! she started clouding up and readied herself to run away.

So are you, Gwen, Meka interjected, here, I am a priestess and I declare you married to Doug and me.

What? both Gwen and I declared as we scrambled to our feet.

I must explain. Gwen when I saved Doug from the airplane crash, I yanked him through the portal into the temple, or he would have died in the Amazon, just as my father/mother would have. Back when my other mother was the priestess, who saved him/her. He too impregnated my mother but eventually, the genetic alteration bio-form took his manhood away, when I was only five years old. He was a wonderful mother though and I loved her very much, she was the one who taught me to speak a little English, she informed us both.

Gwen was giving me a look like, �you knew all this?'

This is the first time she ever told me this part. I swear Gwen, I held my right hand over my heart and my left in the air, except that my right hand had actually grasped my left nipple.

Gwen thought that was just about the funniest thing she ever saw, and apparently so did Meka, just my luck to screw up like that at a time like this.

If I didn't believe you before Doug, I do now. Any woman who has tits that big would know to put her hand on her upper chest for the over the heart part, she came over to me and hugged me to say she was sorry. Nevertheless, just to rub it in she, cupped my nipple saying, I forgot you told me that you like how these feel, didn't you. Maybe you were just groping yourself for the thrill.

That proved to be a mistake because my knees went all rubbery and I wound up back on the bedroll.

Oh God Doug, I'm sorry. Wow, they really are sensitive, she bent over to help me back up.

Has anyone got a cigarette? I asked, trying to stand back up and focus my eyes.

Was it good for you? Meka asked once I was on my feet again.

I'm in love with my new wife� and my first wife too, this time, I remembered to include Meka, to make up for kissing Gwen twice already, I kissed Meka first.

She remembered to support me when she stuck her tongue down my neck.

When I could focus my eyes again, I kissed Gwen, expecting a quick peck, but she wrapped her arms around me, squeezing my boobs tight between us, and she cleaned my, tonsils. That girl has a tongue longer than some guy's cocks.

Why don't we finish her off later. Right now, I want to show you one of the plants that did this to Doug, she beckoned us to follow her.

Gwen wasn't moving.

Uh, Meka! I called to get her attention.

What? Aren't you coming? she stood on the trail ahead of us, fists on hips.

Gwen was standing beside me, hands on hips, and yelled back, �You're crazy if you think I'm going off in this jungle to look at a man-eating plant.

Why? They don't eat men. They eat their maleness. You two don't have any maleness, so they won't bother with you. Come on, she did the come-hither arm motion, and turned to start up the trail.

Gwen and I looked at each other, shrugged, and followed her. A hundred feet or so we caught up with her and she led us off the trail twenty or thirty feet until I recognize the blossom that looked like a woman, That's one of those suckers, I recognize the lure.

Only now the scent will not effect you like it did before, they produce a very powerful pheromone, which will draw any male near, straight to it, she informed us, we use the scent in our chocolates to make the men of our village amorous beyond their control.

I can attest to that. That stuff is like super Viagra. I was so horny I would have made love to a traffic cone, I admitted. If we brought some back with us, we could put Pfizer, out of business.

We can bring as much as you want. As long as we can provide for my village what we need so much, she promised, with an earnest expression on her face.

Gwen bit first, What do your people need?

Sperm! Lots, of sperm, Doug was only able to impregnate ten of our women before he� she� well you know what I mean, she declared looking down at her small hands as she fretted a small twig.

You knocked up ten women, and were, going to run out on, them? Gwen was livid as she looked angrily into my face.

I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could utter a word, Meka spoke up, We never told Doug that he was a father. I didn't speak much English then, and the ladies and I just kept stuffing mints into him. We have so few males now, and we frantically needed to get as many of us pregnant as we could. Doug only did as we wanted, and as his body had to. I am sorry I did not try harder to tell you Doug.

Gwen, I think that Doug believed that he was still in the jungles of the Amazon. He never knew that no matter how far he walked, he would not have ever found any more people here.

These plants have almost wiped out all of the people of our world, and worst of all we brought it upon ourselves. Down in the vegetation overrun cities, where once my people thrived, a scientist created these plants long ago. They were supposed to genetically recondition people vastly extending our lives, but the plants mutated and began thriving off, of the Y chromosome. Now they will extend life but only for males, and only once. Doug is now almost ten years younger than when the plant attacked.

When she was finished, all Gwen and I could do was stand there with our mouths open.

Meka brought us back to our senses by prompting, Come let us return to Doug's apartment. We have much to do.

Gwen and I just followed her in silence. We entered the temple and walked out into my living room.

Other than marrying me to you two, why did you call? Gwen chided, as we took seats and made ourselves comfortable.

Oh shit! Where are my manners? Can I get either of you anything to eat, or drink? I stood up ready to go to the kitchen.

Doug, you have been missing for over a month, and before that you were on assignment in Brazil. Do you actually have anything in your refrigerator? Gwen knew me so well.

Better than that, I have freshly made groceries, I scurried to my stash of food that I had brought with me. There were some of those weird fruits, which reminded me of grapes the size of softballs, some of the jerked meat, which Meka had been feeding me, a jug of that unreal brandy, and forty or fifty pieces, of chocolate mints. I grabbed three snifters and small plates, put everything on a tray including knives, and presented it to my guests.

Doug, what is this? I've never seen anything like them, Gwen marveled as she picked up a green grape.

Be' Chu, supplied Meka, very tasty, and they're good for you.

I never knew what they were called, but I love them. Try the jerky too, I tempted her with a hunk, while Meka helped her self.

Good selection Doug, everything here lasts a long time without going bad. Here, Gwen, try the chocolate, Meka handed her a piece.

Are you trying to get me into bed? Gwen had already heard about this chocolate.

Don't worry Gwen, the only effect it has on women is to make you incredibly attractive to men, and that only lasts an hour, Meka informed us both.

Gwen bit into one of them, Mmmm, this in wonderful. Look out, Hershey's.

Thank you, the mark on them is mine so this is one of my own batches. This was a good idea Doug, I hadn't realized how hungry I was, she leaned over and kissed my cheek. We need to answer Gwen's question though, why we need her. I will bet that she has a pretty good idea anyway.

Gwen, it should be painfully obvious to you, I started, that we have no idea how to be women back here on dear old planet Earth. Neither Meka, nor I know the first thing about styles of dress, make-up, lingerie, shoes, hairstyle, etiquette, and in my case, feminine hygiene.

Oh, girl lessons! That makes sense, she agreed. If I'm your wife now this should be fairly easy. It is a good thing that you have a California King mattress, or else there wouldn't be room for both of your wives you, bigamist you. When do I move in? Ooh, and what do you want me to teach you first? Gwen was in fine form.

I promised Mrs. Doug that we would go shopping after you got here, and I hate to disappoint the little woman, Meka told her then wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

In that case we had better get you both dressed for the public, follow me ladies, with that said, Gwen marched into the bedroom.

Judging by what I saw earlier, you two have figured out panties, and to some extent bras. We need to get you two into pantyhose, the outfits can go back on after that later, she tossed a package to Meka and one to me. I am going out to my car and bring in my overnight bag and make-up case. When you put the pantyhose on, be sure to bunch them up until you can just poke your toes in, and then un-bunch them as you draw them up your legs. Be careful and don't pull on them hard, or you will put your finger through them.

Gwen left us to wrestle our pantyhose, while she went to her car.

Once I had them on the little light in my head went on, and I began to quicken my pace and dressed quickly, That goof! I'll be right back Meka, since she, was several stages behind me, I have to go help Gwen. The stuff she is bringing was hard for me to carry when I was a big strapping man. It will take at least three of four trips. That woman packs for a full week when she visits.

I scooted out the door, past the suitcase that was already waiting at the door, and out to catch Gwen at her car, Need a hand beautiful?

She did her Southern Bell impression, Wha ma deah are you trahin to pick lil ole me up?

No way, you are bigger than I am now. I just thought you could use some help with carrying all of this stuff, I admitted, as I took her make-up case and another small case, And since you are so big and strong, you can take the big suitcase, I giggled my head off, usually I was the big and strong one, and would carry the heavy stuff. This time, Gwen packed it she carries it.

We both trotted to my apartment together, and I asked her, Is this all of it?

Yes, we have it all, why? she looked at me suspiciously.

I was wondering why you packed so light this time is all, I said as I tried to maintain an innocent expression, but was failing miserably.

Wow, it sure is you, in there Doug. If you really were a girl, you would know that I brought only the barest, essentials, she admonished me.

When we reached my front door, it was closed and locked. The little light on top of my head came on and I remarked, Shit, I don't have my keys!

Don't worry Doug, I brought mine, I had to use them to open my car, she explained, usually they reside in my purse, which is on your end table at this particular time. No worry though, Meka is still in there and would open the door if we knocked. She whipped out her key and gained us access to my abode.

You better go and get your plastic Doug, your whole wallet for that matter and drop it in my purse, then meet me in the bathroom, she trotted off with her make-up case, leaving all of the others in the living room.

I stuffed my wallet into Gwen's purse, then grabbed a couple of her bags, which I could barely lift, and waddled them into the bedroom, where they could be unpacked and permanently put away in the closet and dressers.

When I popped into the bathroom, Meka was sitting on a chair that was normally in my bedroom, while Gwen was applying her war paint.

This isn't going to be exactly right. You have darker skin than either of us, so most of my make-up will not be right for you, but we'll make do, she informed Meka as she was just applying the finishing touches, we will stop at the Estée Lauder, counter in the mall and have them help pick out the right color tones for you. Oh, hi Doug, and you too.

She will be done� now. Okay Meka take a look and tell me if you like it, Gwen spun Meka toward the mirror.

Is that, me? I look like the women on the television, she marveled.

Gwen used a hand towel to flick pretend hair off of the chair and hollered, Next victim!

I gulped hard, and sat down in front of her saying, Be gentle it's my first time. I was panting so fast that I was becoming, light headed.

Relax silly, it's just a little make-up, she started with the foundation, and went on from there. When she was finished, I wanted to fuck me.

I don't know if I want to go with you two, now, Gwen told us, with you two along, I'll be the ugly one, she bemoaned her own good work.

Don't worry Gwen there will be plenty of leftovers, I teased as I stood and inspected her work again.

She slapped my ample ass in retribution, Quit gawking at yourselves, and let's get on with it.

We all marched out to Gwen's car and spent hours shopping, buying clothed, underwear, dresses, blouses, skirts, slacks, shoes, purses, make-up, and even feminine protection.

On our way home Gwen dragged us through a grocery where we picked up two hundred bucks in groceries, and yes bagboy, we wanted help out with that.

It took us a dozen trips each to unload Gwen's SUV. We put away the groceries, but all agreed that we were too bushed to do it all.

Meka and I stumbled into the bedroom, with Gwen lagging behind a few seconds. When she caught up with us, she had two baby doll nighties in her hands, You lovelies might want to put these on. You are going to look so hot, but not until you march into the bathroom and remove that make-up ladies.

Oh, do we have to, I moaned like a nine year old.

Jump to it girls or no sex tonight, she clapped her hands sharply in a motherly fashion. She followed us in and showed us the miracle of cold cream.

We turned out the lights and dropped into bed, and no, we didn't have sex, it was a really tough day after all.